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     We have an award winning program and have been voted

Number One in the Delmarva area year after year for our

after school martial arts program as well as our child care

center. We know parents have a pretty rough schedule.

Rush, Rush, Rush - to and from work, dropping off or

picking up the kids, making supper or going by a drive 

through gets tiring and leaves little time for homework. We

have the answer! By providing transportation to and from

school the students have supervised homework time,

snacks and an exciting Kenpo Karate class daily.

When you pick up your children from our Salisbury After

School program you can relax a little knowing that you don't

have to go out again, homework is well underway if not

completed and your kids have gotten their exercise for the

day all while learning self control and discipline. We are the

only martial arts school in the area that has a Certified

Child Care Center. Students arrive, have snacks and change

into their uniforms. We then help organize homework

assignments, complete as much as possible and prepare

for karate class. The kids have "Drills for Skills" that

help them improve on technique and warm up for class.

After the daily karate class, kids participate in organized

games that help improve coordination and help instill a

sense of sportsmanship and teamwork.

√ Award Winning Program

√  Voted Number One

√  Morning drop off

√  Afternoon pick up

√  Supervised Homework

√  Exciting Kenpo Karate Class

√  Organized Games

√  Improved Self Esteem

√  Self Control

√  Self Discipline

√  Focus

√  Concentration

√  Better Behaved

√  More Respectful

√  Improved Grades

√  More helpful at home

√  Sportsmanship / Teamwork


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